Your 2016 Break-Thru Business Model

What is your break thru business model for 2016? How do you make 2016 your best year ever? If you knew you could not fail - how high would you be willing to set your goals? What is your dream?

Now take a few minutes and really think about this....what would it take for you to make 2016 your best year ever?

Now that you have that in mind take a look at your business and ask the following questions:

What about my business needs to change in order for this to happen? Be creative sacred cows.
How can you become a disruptor in your market? What would it take to totally change the market I am in...think Uber, AirBnB.
So now you have the foundation of what you need to do for 2016. How do you start to execute it? What do I need to do to determine if this actually will work?

When you determine what you want to do differently then build it. Build the minimum viable product(MVP) . Eric Reis explains this as the following:
"In other words, the minimum viable product is a test of a specific set of hypotheses, with a goal of proving or disproving them as quickly as possible. One of the most important of these hypotheses is always: what will the customer care about? How will they define quality?" Now, this is where your paradigms will be shaken the have to learn what is "good enough" and be willing to experiment.

Launch and learn. Make certain when you launch you have the metrics you need to understand the actions you need to take. This is where you are able to continue to improve and enhance your MVP. Make certain you have put the metrics in place that allow you to make the right corrective actions. Understand what success looks like and the time frame for that success. Know when to continue and when to change.

Now you are Ready to Rock 2016!!! Let me know in the comments what you have learned and any additional ideas you may add.

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