Wishes Require Work

I have stated often, “Failure is not an option,” however, I have to admit that when I accepted I would not be physically able to run in The New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 5, 2017, I did feel like a failure – the biggest failure in the world. Did I not work hard enough? Did I not train well? Did I wait too long to go to the doctor? Did my stubbornness rob me of my dream? Each of these painful questions plagued me. Yet, I realized for me to accept my present situation as a failure, it would be a lie. 

I did not fail. Better judgment prevailed and I Re-Envisioned my life to Re-Invent this seemingly hopeless situation to Re-Invest my time and my efforts into my dream of running in The New York City Marathon -- my #whatsnext in Fall 2018.

Confucius shared that “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” I am taking my #onestepmore to Re-Envision, Re-Invent, and Re-Invest my purpose and my intention, and to embrace opportunities for physical, spiritual, and professional growth. Set backs, pain, and failure have no place in my life. I will not permit my knee to rob me of my joy, rob me of my Now, rob me of my dream, or rob me of my future.

Running in The New York City Marathon in November 2017 has been at the top of my Bucket List for many years. And even though it was at the top of my Bucket List, I did not believe it was possible. I was overweight and lucky if I could walk a mile, much less run a mile. And, imagining myself running 26.2 miles was not fantasy, but insanity.

However, I never erased The New York City Marathon off my Bucket List. As a matter of fact, in one of my very early blogs (link to blog) I shared about having two more marathons to run – New York and Chicago. So, even when I knew I couldn’t run, I wasn’t giving up.

Ironically, after losing weight, getting into the kind of shape that has allowed me to run 20 miles, and being in the best shape I have ever been, it’s arthritis in my right knee that has me temporarily side-lined for this Sunday’s New York City Marathon.

My R3 Process - Re-Envision, Re-Invent, and Re-Invest – has been the bulwark against the raging swirl that my physical and emotional pain was brewing inside of me and that was desperately trying to dig its claws into my entire being and rip me apart. I worked through the pain and moved past it to Re-Envision my personal and professional mission, to Re-Invent my personal goals and mission, and to Re-Invest my personal resources to enable me to alleviate my knee pain and continue to work on my dream.

I am temporarily side-lined, but I am not abandoning my dream – I will not give up on my dream, and I will not give in to my pain. Sometimes the Universe wants us to “Put Up or Shut Up.” It demands we “walk our talk.”

Talking a good game does not win the game; having the courage to get off the bench and stay in the game gains you #onestepmore to a victory. Jen Sincero, in her bestselling, You Are a Badass at Making Money, shares that “. . . the Universe places before you exactly what you need and asks you to rise to the occasion.”

I know #whatsnext for me – preparing for The New York City Marathon in Fall 2018. What is next for you? What is at the top of your Bucket List? Do you have a “dream deferred”? Stop waiting for it to happen; make it happen.

Regardless of my physical pain and my disappointment, I am grateful to the Universe for teaching me this lesson. I am sure the lesson has a much bigger part in my life than I can fully grasp and explain at this point, and time will reveal even more profound aspects of this lesson.

I am grateful above all else that this moment in my life has provided me the opportunity to tell my story. And, it is my fervent hope that others will read these words, examine their own lives and businesses, and realize that they can overcome adversity as well. I want each of you to conquer your own Everest, become your own Everest, embrace your purpose, live your intentions, and experience a limitless life.

We too often think of the Universe as a genie in a bottle that will grant us three wishes. However, wishes require work. Are we working on our wishes? Or, just wishing we had three more wishes?

As always, I love hearing from you, and I invite you to share with me a time when you got off the bench, got in the game, and achieved a victory. Also, share with me your story of “walking your talk.” And, never stop working on your wishes!

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