When the Universe Comes Calling

Is this all a dream? Or, has my dream become my reality? Well, I pinch myself everyday as I think of running in the New York City Marathon on November 5, 2017. Running in the New York City Marathon has been on my Bucket List since 2005, but as I have come to realize, the Universe knows what you are ready for and when you are ready for it. For me, my current life seems nothing short of a miracle, and I know that the power of intentionality is empowering me to re-envision and re-invent my life to become limitless. 

Each day as I train race day quickly approaches, and I realize even more that everything in life is intertwined. I have been engaging in my own “spiritual” re-investment during my training schedule and this definitely includes a concentrated focus on my purpose, my place in the universe, and living with intention. Long-distance running is my moving meditation; it clears my head, provides me focus, increases my energy, and charges my spirit.

This week has been a particularly hard week for my training. My long run on Saturday was a killer, and no matter how I reflect on and analyze it, I cannot articulate the reason it was so arduous, so difficult, and so exhausting -- I only slightly changed my route and added a few more hills.

Struggling to figure out why the training routine gets harder when, seemingly, it should get easier over time, is a similar struggle with keeping my own business and my own brand alive, vibrant, and moving forward with the same level of the growth mindset that I had implemented in other businesses with which I had worked. But, at the moment that answers seem so uncertain and life feels like a balancing act on the edge of a razor, the Universe has a way of “hitting you upside the head.” 

Well, for me, the Universe tripped me on my stairs, sent me tumbling down a flight of steep stairs, and sent me headfirst crashing into a wall. And, my very hard head left a very discernable and large hole in the wall, and I was left in a heap with six broken ribs. The Universe woke me up in February, and now here I am training for the New York City Marathon. No one can convince me that things don’t happen for a reason – and turn out for the best.

I have been faced during the same period of time with the reality of re-envisioning my business and my life and, likewise, re-inventing my business and my life to provide me with the life I know I am meant to live. And, the Universe came calling to challenge the Re-Envision and Re-Invent phases of my own business and my life, and slammed me into the proverbial wall with projects that abruptly closed without warning, clients who refused to compensate me for six weeks of work, and continuous issues and problems with projects that seemed on the surface easy to resolve. All the answers which came to me so effortlessly and easily, suddenly evaporated. And, I was left feeling ambivalent and afraid – I had lost the Cindy I know myself to be, and was looking in the mirror at a Cindy who was a stranger. I realized that I wasn’t living my purpose and living with intentionality; I was merely existing.

I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered #w
 for Cindy and how can I possibly take #onestepmore – my body ached and my focus was clouded by too much personal doubt which manifested as “Why me?”
Well, it was time to break through the wall I was building that was preventing me from living with purpose and living a life and growing a business with intentionality. This “dark night of the soul” moment led me to begin to write down a list of my non-negotiables for my own life and business:

  • I am here to help others.
  • I am limitless. 
  • I am fearless.
  • I expect abundance in my life.
  • I must coach others to tell their stories.
  • I will not collapse and concede defeat in my own personal marathon of self-discovery.
  • I will identify and actualize #whatsnext in my own life and business.
  • I will boldly take #onestepmore into the future of my personal and business transformation. 

My story attracts the people who need to hear it -- that is my guiding power and that is how I will manifest my purpose and live with intentionality, and if this sounds at all too esoteric – welcome to Cindy’s “looking glass – down the rabbit hole” experience since February 2017. My transformation is on-going, and my hard work enables me to guide others through their own transformations to #whatsnext and #onestepmore.

My purpose going forward is to now use this experience and story to enable you to move your business and your life forward. To live the life, you want! To have you discover your dreams and have the miracles occur in your life.

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