What Problem do you Solve?

As a business owner can you articulate the problem that you are solving for your customers? What is the value of your solution to that customer? Being able to articulate this is significant to your marketing efforts and results.

To give you an example - I was at a restaurant with some friends for dinner. It was a Japanese restaurant that the problem they solved was whatever you are hungry for in this realm of food we have. The menu was over 30 pages. Now thank goodness it had pictures but the time it took everyone to make up their mind as to what they wanted was significantly more. Not only that they were more frustrated at the end of the process. It was fascinating to watch. This restaurant is very small, so turning tables is really important. But the complexity of the menu is not helping them in that regard.

So how do you determine what problem you solve? Think about the value that your product and/or service deliver for your customer. Does anyone else solve the same problem and if so how is your solution different? So now - who has this problem? This group will be your target market. Now you may solve several problems with different product and services. You need to go through this process for each different offering.

Another example - I solve the problem for the business owner whose business has taken over their life and is not providing the income they desire. What gives me the right to do this. I am an entrepreneur and in a previous business was this person, so I understand how easy it is to get there. Over the past 20 years, I had enabled people to change, even when they didn't want to, and to welcome that change in the end.

So who is my customer? They are a business owner who has been in business for 3-5 years, the business is experiencing little or no growth, and they are spending all their time in the business. So now I have a target market for my services. And when I meet that market I can articulate to them how I can help.

So it is a simple question but requires some thought. In the comments below let me know what problem do you solve?
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