What is #Leadership?

What a great question! When you ask that question to different people, you get different answers. Here is my take on what leadership and how it manifested in the work that we do.

So how do you become a leader? First, you have to recognize that those you have around you are there for a reason. Sometimes that reason is to teach us a lesson. Sometimes that reason is to recognize something we have in ourselves. How many times have you been coaching others and said to yourself that would be a good lesson for me?

Caring is another factor of leadership. You have to care about those around you, and more importantly, they have to know that you care. You have to show your vulnerability at times and be willing to admit that you got some things wrong along the way. And sharing how you learned from those experiences. It is about caring enough to recognize the potential in the people around us that they cannot often see themselves. Then enabling them to live up to that potential.

Leadership is about communication. It's about keeping people informed of what is going on especially in tough times. For critical messages - the rule of three and seven often applies. Communicate three times more than you than seems reasonable to you and understand it may take up to seven times before people fully understand how the message relates to the and what it means in their world. Not because they are stubborn or dense but because they have to relate it to where they are now, then move forward So just when you have said I know I have communicated it enough- deliver it one more time.

People come to work for more than a paycheck. They want to contribute, they want to leave a mark, they want to be appreciated and most of all they want to learn. As a leader is it your responsibility to make this happen. You need to be the one who sets the standards high as well as the one who holds people to that standard. One of the dichotomies of being a leader is tough love. Caring enough to be able to have the firm and respectful conversation to help them to grow.

Being a leader is how you get your business to grow. If you can become a leader for those around you no matter how many or how few that is. You will be able to lead your company to the growth that you envision. Because others will see that vision as well and be compelled to make it happen.

Want to discuss your leadership style and how it is affecting your company growth, you can email me at Cindy@CindyUhlir.com to set up a free strategy session.
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