get ready for the new york marathon

Re-Envision for the Long Run

You have to stretch, and you have to “see” the race in your mind before you take a single step at the starting line. However, after the months of mental, physical, and spiritual preparation to run the race of your dreams, you may be confronted with fear and pain – you have to re-envision for the long run.

After arriving in Denver, I hobbled my way to my hotel, and relied upon ice packs, elevation, and positive visualization to get me through this momentary crisis. I had to keep the swelling down, work through the discomfort, and see myself running the #NYCMarathon and crossing the finish line. 

When I returned home from my trip, I made an appointment with my trainer. I started strength training again and had my trainer roll out my leg muscles. I bought Epsom salt by the truckload and soaked in my tub to soothe my sore muscles. And, I had to Re-Invent my training routine which put me on an elliptical machine, and took me off the Raleigh city pavement.
As entrepreneurs, we often face and have to overcome circumstances which cause us to live in fear and to go #intotheswirl. Confusion and frustration try to work their way into our lives and our work, and play havoc with our purpose.

Often, we stubbornly try to find answers and break through on our own because that is what we believe we have to do. Asking for help and sharing our difficulties make us feel inadequate and weak. Yet, we know that feeling is the foolishness of the Ego trying to control our direction and trying to stall our movement forward on our path to accomplishing our Purpose. Failure is not asking for help, not seeking out wisdom, and not taking #onestepmore. And, the only way to get to #whatsnext is to take #onestepmore.

It is often difficult to keep all the plates spinning. This is when intention and focus on purpose really comes into play. We have to Re-Envision our business and ourselves to pull ourselves #outoftheswirl, and Re-Envisioning becomes at the same moment our spiritual practice. It is deciding how we will be in the world which will attract the people to us who will be a blessing to our life and work as we are a blessing to their life and work. If you are not attracting your ideal client maybe it is time to look at what your intentions are. To determine what my “finish line” look like. Am I only surviving or am I thriving? You deserve to thrive! You deserve to be successful! You deserve to have the life or your dreams!

If you are struggling in your life and in your business, and are caught in your own swirl, we need to talk. If you haven’t been able to Re-Envision your life, we need to talk. If you have Re-Envisioned your life and your business, but you can’t seem to move forward, we need to talk. And, if you are able to make all this happen and your Re-Envision is working for you, we need to talk because I would love to hear your story.

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