My Break-Thru Moment

Re-Invent drives innovation. We often think that in order to innovate we have to do something different. In reality, it does not have to be a radical departure from the original. We have to first Re-Envision the ways clients and customers can use our product or service in a fresh and innovative way. We are setting the stage for the future. Also, during this stage of the R3 Process, it is important to take a fresh look at your product or service as well as yourself and your life.

Re-Invent is an exciting phase of the R3 Process that engages you and that challenges you to seize the opportunity to reframe and reconstruct a product, a service, or a process that originated with you – that was born from your vision. It may not be totally about how “to build a better mousetrap,” but it is about how can this mousetrap be so much more impactful and beneficial in the market and for your customer and client.

As I shared in Breaking Through the Darkness, you have to examine every limiting believe and mental model you have. My own life and business served as the test case. I fought with myself, and held on so tight to my originating vision for my business that my greatest challenge was to pivot and examine my business and my life with a drive to make both so much more, so much more vibrant, and so much more purposeful.

I am an Engineer by training. I was the only woman in my class who endured the grueling Engineering program under the direction of male Engineers who stated very clearly at the beginning of our first class in the program: “Women do not belong in an Engineering program, and I doubt you ladies in this class will ever graduate with a degree from this program of study. You are better served to prepare yourself to raise children and take care of a home.” Clearly, female engineers have to be tough and cannot be vulnerable.

So, when things started to fall apart with the business and my life I wasn’t sure how to react.
I had never experienced a moment quite this bad in my business and my life – never imagined such a moment was possible for me. I’ve always been the one who is in control, giving the orders, making the difficult decisions, taking the hits and never tapping out. I kept looking at my life and my business in this dark moment, and what I was seeing wasn’t Cindy and it wasn’t Business Break-Thru. I was confused, frustrated, angry, and felt empty and alone – had the Universe abandoned me or had I abandoned myself?

The most frightening moment of all was feeling like I had lost control of everything – my business, my relationships, my purpose, my intent, and my direction. I was in the middle of a crisis.

Sitting in Starbucks looking through notes and trying to figure out my next move, I couldn’t see my business. What happened to my vision? How did I wander off mission? How do I save my business? How do I recover this? What is wrong with me? How did I lose control of something I had created? This doesn’t happen to me, not me!

But, in reality, it happened. There I was in Starbucks, and one more Grande iced skinny cinnamon dolce latte was going to break me out of this funk. As I was sitting there contemplating throwing in the towel, I noticed in the pile of notes and napkins that had become a mountain I did not know how to climb, a pattern. A path emerged in the midst of the chaos of my randomly written notes – Re-Envision, Re-Invent, and Re-Invest. It was so very simple, and so very clear.

It was not until that moment of complete desperation and frustration that I could see my path and what I was about to craft and shape into my new business and life. I had conquered my own Everest piled on a Starbucks table.

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