From "Always On" to "Space for Me"

In a 24 hour world, how do we find time to be able to find "Space for Me?" A trend I would like to see for #Bigideas2016 is the finding "space for me" from being "always on." The onset of the digital devices has overtaken our lives where we have no down time. We are regularly called upon to answer, respond and continually provide service. We need to improve on creating space for ourselves.

When this happens, we begin to suffer from decision fatigue. Having to make decisions without any breaks. As we do this, our decisions become less and less thoughtful and just more of what can I do to get rid of this now. We become more vulnerable to making the wrong decision, which puts our business at risk.

So how do we start the trend to find Space for Me:

1. Make certain you are a priority... you need to put your oxygen mask on first. Remember you are no use to anyone if you are not functioning at top notch.
2. Set time aside for you to have some downtime. Easier said than done yes, but not impossible. It takes planning and the willingness to say no. One of the hardest things often to do.
3. Find something you love outside of work. Find a way to express yourself that may not be the same as what you are doing but it feeds your soul.

Your 2016 #Break-Thru Strategy needs to include this if you truly are going to have a banner year. I know it seems to be impossible to do this, but I am confident you can make it happen. Just think of all the other things you make happen. You certainly can do this!

Happy Holidays
Rock 2016
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