​Breaking Thru the Darkness

Thanksgiving of 2016 was the darkest day of my life. I was alone. My son was spending Thanksgiving with his dad. I ate Thanksgiving lunch by myself, and I tried to pretend it didn’t matter.

At that moment, I was at my heaviest weight and had no idea how or plan to lose the weight, and, honestly, I did not have any real desire to lose the weight. Why should I? Who would care? I was on blood pressure medication and had just been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I was in the depth of my own personal darkness with no idea how to break out, and I believed I could not get better and was destined to live with failing health and more medications to come. And, I was turning 61 the next day. I was miserable.

Also, I looked around and my business was non-existent. I had taken a contract job as a temporary fix, and I had placed my own business, my own dream on a shelf. I was making money and keeping the lights on as a contractor, but I felt terrible physically and emotionally. The salary as a contractor was the only thing satisfying in my life. I had convinced myself that my life would be what it was. I was not convinced that I could really change my life, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to -- I was doing a good job of fooling myself and everyone around me that my life was good. Not only good, but also great; I was living a lie.

What happened next was a critical reality check that changed my life forever. I got a text from someone who had been sending me messages on Facebook. I firmly believe that people come into your life for a reason. And, this person definitely appeared for a reason. During our conversation, he asked: “Don’t you miss being held and being a part of a relationship?” Not really sure why this question in particular was one to make me examine my life and business, but it did.

Now you’re asking yourself – “What does that have to do with my business?” For some reason, this question awakened me like a brilliantly bright light breaking through the most impenetrable darkness. It awakened me not only to examine my personal life but also to examine my business life. I was awakened to re-envision my business and my life and, therefore, see my business and my life in a new way.

While I was sitting on the couch responding to his messages, it became so clear to me that I was supposed to do something bigger with my life and my business. I was destined from that point to do bigger and better things!

Everything in my life changed from that moment. I had been a person who ate starches and sweets all day long. I could not even stand the thought of putting those things in my body. I started working out and running again. I now run over to 20 miles a week. I am off all medication, and I have lost in excess of 50 lbs. More importantly I have Re-Envisioned my business and my life. I want to be the catalyst to help you Re-Envision your business and your life.

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