Breaking Thru Limitations to a Limitless Life

The first full marathon I ran was the Disney Marathon in 2005, but two other marathons remain on my Bucket List – the New York City Marathon and the Chicago Marathon. That is not to say that I have always been in the best shape to run either of them – until now. So, here I go – breaking through my own self-imposed limitations to a limitless life.

My pen is poised to check off the New York City Marathon from my Bucket List this November 2017. And, look out Chicago, Cindy is heading your way in 2018!

Entrance into the New York City Marathon is based upon a lottery, and it is an extremely tough marathon to get into without qualifying. At this point, with my non-stop work schedule qualifying for entrance into this marathon wasn’t going to happen. I have become a runner -- a runner who runs a moderate, steady pace.

If you read my earlier blog post, Out of the Darkness, I shared how I transformed my life and my business, and re-envisioned, re-invented, and re-invested in my own life. My personal and professional transformation remain in process and moving forward at a “steady pace,” but, if you didn’t read Out of the Darkness, read it!

One of the most important personal transformations was getting my own health and weight under control, and significantly improving my overall health. I accelerated my transformation by running. In the beginning, my body fought me every step of the run, but today every day begins with a four-mile run and the weekends include a long run that is building to nineteen miles – varied terrain and uphill for at least half the run. I have even pushed myself to run on the hottest days during the summer, and now I am training in high altitude in Denver. I am heading to the New York City Marathon without limitations!

At this point, my daily run is so imbedded into my lifestyle that colleagues will ask, “Cindy, did you run this morning?” Well, the reason they ask is because if I don’t run I am a very different person – grumpy, impatient, and lack focus. My daily run empowers me for, and my body now craves exercise. It wasn’t easy to imbed this new habit into my life, but now I cannot imagine not running.

In February, I was training for the Rock & Roll half marathon in Raleigh, and I fell and broke six ribs. The recovery period sidelined me for that race in April. But, I attended the Rock & Roll Expo to pick up my race packet and T-shirt. I don’t think I have ever been as disappointed and depressed as I was when I picked up my race packet knowing that I wasn’t going to be participating in this half marathon. I wanted to run this race so badly – this was going to be a pivotal moment in my own re-envision, re-invention, and re-investment.

When I returned home, I decided that as I healed I would start training for a full marathon in the fall – the New York City Marathon. No one will ever say that I think small – “Think big, take action, or move out of the way!”

I became intentional and focused on my training routine, my daily routine, and my work routine. I committed “to keep all the plates spinning.” No, it wasn’t easy, and I would never tell you it was. It was effort and sweat, tears and timing, determination and dedication – “Failure is not an option.”

This level of commitment sometimes requires that you train with a team to maximize your efforts and achieve results. I decided to go to Team in Training with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, to see what they had to offer. Previously, I had run one full marathon and several half marathons with them. The great thing about running with them is not only about running, but it’s about running with a purpose. And, I am moved by their pre-race dinner during which they actually show you how the money you raise is being used. This is awesome – it’s both an emotional and physical boost that makes you feel great about running and contributing to a cause.

I was looking at the races they offered and sure enough there was The New York City Marathon. I applied and was told I was on the waitlist. Well, that was far better than not being considered at all, and I continued looking. The Chicago Marathon was already full, so that wasn’t going to work either.

Three weeks ago, I received the notice they were deciding on the waitlist, and I would know within a week. Last week, I received a phone call that I had made it on the list of race participants for the New York City Marathon. It was short notice -- the race is less than eight weeks away! The first question I was asked was, “Have you been training?” I confidently responded, “Yes, I have.” When the training schedule arrived, I was right on track.

I am a firm believer that if you set your goals with intentionality and do your work with purpose, the Universe will deliver you abundant opportunities. Therefore, I believe that in order to attract abundant opportunities and achieve personal and professional success, you have to be the architect of your destiny – design a life and create the business that supports the life you design.

I am not advocating that everyone has to train for and run a marathon to achieve personal and professional success. I am advocating that you dream into being your life, design it, refine it, and construct it as an enduring masterpiece. Identify the obstacles in your life that are holding you back and develop a plan to remove those obstacles.

Re-envision your life and your business as a new dream, re-invent your life and business to grow success in every aspect of both, and re-invest your time and resources to make your new dream a limitless reality.

You don’t have to run a marathon, but you have to do something!

See you in the Big Apple!

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