Break-Thru to #Whatsnext

The R3 Process is a synergistic process designed to maximize results. The process sounds like hard work, and it is. Yet, there is a joy discovered in each phase of the process as you near your business and personal goals. Your business and your life deserve your hard work, and the hard work should never rob you of your joy. 

I made the R3 Process my business model and my life model. As I integrated the R3 Process into my life, my life became the process. I quickly discovered that I had more energy and more confidence. My creativity and my thinking were supercharged, and I truly looked around and realized that I was creating a life in living color.

I remember starting out with a new client, and I immediately engaged in a critical conversation that cut to the heart of the issues plaguing the client. Typically, I like to get more of a feel for my clients before I engaged in the critical conversations with them. In the past, I lacked the confidence to engage my clients in this way. However, significant changes had taken place in my business and my life, and I approached the moment with a confidence and a growth mindset like I had never had before. I knew this client’s company was in dire trouble, and it would be a disservice to this client to approach him with kid gloves – I realized quickly that he needed a no nonsense approach and a process that would yield the most significant results in the least amount of time.

Clearly, he and his business needed to consider #onestepmore and #whatsnext, and those two stages are embedded in the R3 Process. I needed him to answer the questions, “What do you see as your role in the business?” and “How are you significant in this project going forward?
As he formulated his responses, I saw the light come on. He got it! His answers not only helped him to express what his role was but also gave me the opportunity to listen and to clarify for him his role in both the business and in the project as it moved forward.

Clarifying roles, processes, and expected outcomes helped him reinvest in a growth mindset. He now felt he was an integral part of the process, not an impediment to the process. The Re-Invest phase of the R3 Process keeps you focused on the vision as well as focused on the dream -- where it all began. The Re-Invest process reinvigorates the business and propels the business owner forward with a renewed sense of purpose, direction, and energy.

I won’t mislead you by making you believe the process was easy, working with the client was easy, or putting mechanisms in place to move his business forward was easy. But, I assure you that the R3 Process works, and it worked for this client. Communication about the process, and a commitment to the process yields results. And, I am the living embodiment and the proof of the results of the process.

The Re-Invest phase of the R3 Process reawakened my “fire in the belly.” I was finally able to get out of my own way and acknowledge that what I had discovered worked for me when I was in the deepest hole I had ever been, would work for anyone ready to and willing to embrace the process and drive their business and their life to Success.

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