Break Thru & Run

There is no better Re-Invest-ment than reinvesting in yourself.

I am a runner, and I Re-Invest in myself through my new habit – running. I have been running consistently since February 2017. My run-walk of only a mile has evolved into a Sunday ten mile run.

Each day I run in the morning, and this simple, practical, healthy habit is now a simple, practical, healthy routine that I cannot live without. My business partners have unfortunately seen a very different Cindy when I have missed my run. And, I now get early morning text reminders asking me whether I have gone on my run. And, I am quite sure that on the other end there is a sigh of relief when I answer, "Yes, I just got back from my run. I ran three miles today, and I didn't even walk.”

My run is part of my personal habit to fight the swirl in my own life. My overall health, my business, and my relationships have become so much richer, vibrant, and purposeful since I established my run into my daily routine. Honestly, it is an activity in my day-to-day life that I cannot live without now; however, less than a year ago, I would not have been able to have even imagined putting on running clothes, running shoes, and closing my front door behind me with the anticipation of running a minimum of three miles.

Until this I had never run in hot weather, and would never have thought about running at 11 a.m. on a Sunday when it was 92 degrees and the temperature was increasing. Yet, now I cannot imagine not running regardless of the temperature or the weather. My expectations for myself have changed – I cannot imagine not going on my run. Not only do I run, I smile when I run. If you followed me you may see me doing some strange fist pumps in the middle of the run or other crazy things where I am expressing my excitement about how good this makes me feel. The clarity I have been able to accomplish has been amazing as I have gone through this process. This is my #onestepmore.

I am not advocating that everyone runs. I am advocating that you find something that allows you to Re-Invest in yourself. One of the key factors here is you can't separate yourself from your business. You have to be able to do something to Re-Invest in yourself. You have to give yourself space to create. You have to be able to gain the clarity. Re-Invest in crucial to the success of your business.

Similarly, in my business, my expectations for my business and my clients have changed. There is no room for inconsistency in my life. There is no room for failure in my business. There are no excuses for my clients and my doing all I can to ensure their success in their businesses and in their lives. I have been and continue to be the test case for my R3 Process and #onestepmore and #whatsnext.

There is no better investment than reinvesting in yourself and your business.

So, what do you do to Re-Invest in yourself and your business? Please let me know in the comments below.

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