Another Break-Thru

Six broken ribs did not slow me down or deter me from re-envisioning my business and the trajectory of my business.

Recovering from a fall that broke six ribs and that left both my body and ego bruised, gave me time to reflect on my own business as well as to reflect on areas in my own that tomorrow arrived and I ended up in the local Emergency Room, I was unprepared for my encounter with the "Cindy" I had ignored for weeks and months.

While I was recovering I committed to re-envisioning my purpose and focusing on the relationship building that adds value to both my business and my life --#WHATSNEXT.

During this Re-Envision process I created a three-stage approach to focus clients to enable them to regain clarity about their own business and life, (Re-Envision) pivot and flex (Re-Inventing) and rekindle the “fire in the belly” to a blue-white flame adding renewed value to the process and the product (Re-Investing).

Re-Envision allows you to focus and clarify your vision. It is a process of examining your original vision, being honest about where you are, and boldly identify where you want to drive your business and lead your company, your employees, your profits, and your life. Growing your Re-Envisioned business to a level of #ONESTEPMORE.

Business owners and corporate leaders benefit from a fresh pair of eyes and an outsider’s long-range vision, and unencumbered opinions when they recognize that their company’s original vision has become obscured. And, the widget now being produce fails to accurately represent their original vision for that same widget. So, how do we honor the originating vision upon which the business is founded and make it future-ready and advance it so that it is viable for the current market and also allows for growth. We must assess and Re-Envision the product, the business, and the role and influence of the business leader.

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