3 Approaches to Gardening that work for Growing your Business

I am an avid gardener as you can see from the pictures above. – the pictures above are taken on my deck. One of the challenges of gardening is dealing with what nature throws at you. But the reward is the beauty that you create. It is the same as running your business.

You have to be ready to pivot – Just like growing a business you have to be willing to adjust at all times. I have been raising flowers on my back deck for several years and this year is the best so far. What I have learned over the years is how much water, fertilizer, etc. to use. I have tried a lot of different things some good results some bad but I always learned something.

The same when growing your business. You have to be willing to course correct along the way. You have to be able to do something new and decide if you are obtaining the results you want then adjust accordingly.

You have to have a system- I have several systems in my garden that allows it to grow and flourish. I have a drip irrigation which waters it for me. I have reminders in my calendar for fertilizing, spraying and other maintenance tasks.

Having systems is paramount to having a growing business. And it lessens the dependence on you. You have to be confident that the business can go on without you for a period. You need to have indicators that show you what is happening and when you need to take action. If you haven’t put these in place, you have just given yourself a job.

You have to be grateful and appreciate what you have done – One of the great things about gardening is you see your results. When you see the results, you cannot help but stop and be grateful.

In business, you sometimes lose sight of how far you have come. You may become overwhelmed with the day to day and forget to look what you have accomplished. Take the time to be grateful, take the time to appreciate what you have done and to appreciate those who have helped you along the way.

I would love to hear your comments on these ideas. Please let me know what you have done to grow your business or what you now see you may need to do.

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