​Break the Mold & Break-Thru

How many times have you had a pair of shoes, jeans or t-shirt that you just clung to and couldn’t seem to part with. No matter how worn they got you still wanted to just keep wearing them. How many times do we do the same thing in our businesses and our life. We cling to what makes us comfortable. We cling to what is familiar. We can’t get out of our comfort zone and we are killing our business as well as our life.

Every business will reach a ceiling that is difficult to maneuver around or get through. A significant change must occur in order to move forward. We know at the gut level that something has to change, but we not certain what it is. We become frustrated trying to figure this out. We continue to try things some help, some hinder but nothing seems to really get us where we need to go. Or gives us the sustainable change we are looking for. And we can’t put our finger on why. We continue to be frustrated by it all and may even question why we started the business in the first place…and more importantly do we want to continue.

This is when it is time to Re-Invent. Re-Inventing is about seeing what sometimes you can’t see. It’s about finding the answer when you don’t have the answer. It’s about refocusing when you can’t seem to focus. It’s about moving forward when you don’t believe you can. And, like your business, it’s about you having the resources when you reach a plateau and lack the skills, the energy, and the information to break through that plateau and continue to climb.

Re-invent is the critical phase which puts into place the structures to support your vision. The “thought work” has been initiated and now it’s time to closely examine everything about your business. Ask yourself, “What is great about my product or process?” “What value does my product or process have in the current market?” “What current trends will shape the future of the market and my place in the market?” “What will make my product or process more appealing to the consumer?”

Re-Inventing is not just about the business either. It’s about you. Jim Collins shares in his book Good to Great: “You have to figure out what you’re are genetically encoded to do.” Re-Inventing is about really examining that statement. The business will never be more than you believe it can be. During Re-Invent you have to examine every limiting belief and mental model you have… and believe me it is brutal. I will share with you my story about Re-Inventing in the next blog. Stay tuned….

What comes out of Re-Inventing is a business that reflects your strengths and ensures you can accomplish your vision. During this phase, we develop your business model, determine partnerships that will move your business forward, design processes that allow you to work on the business, not in the business, and ensure we have the right people in the right places for maximum effect and efficiency. We design a scalable business that embraces risk, that flexes as the market changes, and that continues to grow. Now you have clarity and are ready to Re-Invest

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